House Water Softeners

water dropWhat are the Benefits

I want to tell you and everyone else that reads my post about the benefits of soft water. Most people in urban areas live in hard water regions. But water is water right?, Well yes and no. Soft water is preferred if you can get it but hard water is okay if you live in a hard water area.

Well now there’s a solution to hard water and that is to make it soft. But is this really a solution that’s looking for a problem? Is hard water really so bad. What is hard water anyway?

What is Hard Water

Well let’s examine each of those points in turn. First, what is hard water?

Well water falls to earth in the form of rain, sleet or snow. Well we all know that. But before it gets to you it goes on a journey and that journey takes it through mountains, underground water courses to lakes, to reservoirs. Along its journey it accumulates (dissolves) salts. These are normally compounds of calcium and magnesium and this is what makes your water hard. So what’s the problem?

limescale and tapWhat is Limescale

Well there wouldn’t be a problem if those salts stayed in the water. But they don’t they leach out and the leach out faster when the water is heated. This results in the limescale deposits as seen around taps, on baths and especially in showers, where it leaves an unsightly hard white chalky substance. Which is quite difficult to remove.

But it gets much worse than this. It’s the limescale you can’t see that’s the problem. And that occurs inside your water pipes. These get clogged up bit by bit, year by year. Slowly reducing the efficiency of your plumbing. its similar to cholesterol found up in peoples arteries and in bot cases, it’s not good.

Taps won’t turn, stopcocks seize, heating elements use more energy but produce less heat.

The Solution

But there are solutions. Water softeners as seen here Great Whole house water softeners They remove the water hardness aa the water enters your premises. The result is better household water. It really does make a difference to the quality of you life. A big difference that will save you money too.