Month: October 2017

3 Piece Luggage

City Scape

Getting Away from it all

An often overlooked item when taking a vacation, is the humble suitcase. Yes, the tickets are important and you won’t be going abroad if you forget your passport. But that old suitcase carries all of our possessions and we expect it to protect its contents and keep them secure.

stack of five suitcasesCheap Suitcase = “NO”

Which is why a cheap suitcase is really a false economy on so many levels. You don’t want the suitcase to fail, to cause damage to its contents or to allow someone to gain access when not in sight.

Replacing cheap suitcases, on a regular basis is then no longer cheap. An upfront investment in a sturdy suitcase or set of suitcases works out cheaper because they last for such a long time.

Quality Suitcase = “YES”

The function of a suitcase really hasn’t changed very much since its early beginnings. Probably the most useful addition is that of the zip and the casters. So avoid gimmicks and designer chic. They don’t add anything and are best left out. There is one element we like but we’ll come to that later.

So what would we recommend? We think that the ones to go for are the 3 piece luggage set, like the ones shown here 3 piece luggage set bargains

First they fit nearly inside one and other, when not in use. Great for storing away when not in use. But nowadays they come in a fantastic sets of patterns, colours, designs. This is really useful if you’ve ever been waiting at an airport carousel and seen all the hundreds of lookalike cases and bags going round. Something different instantly stands out and helps you through the airport a bit quicker.

Features to Look For

Concentrate of zips and casters. Zips should be big and chunky. They have to withstand s lot of punishment and keep the contents secure. The stronger the zip the better.

Casters enable a suitcase to be easily maneuvered around. But avoid the small cute little wheels. They’ll almost certainly be the first things to go wrong or jam up on a heavy case. Go heavy duty here as well.

A good quality set of cases, while expensive initially, will last you a long time. So they actually work out cheaper in the long term.

Great Shona Sculpture

Our Garden

pink rose from our gardenWe’re very happy with our garden. Both me and my husband put a lot of effort in. It’s hard work, at times, but it’s good exercise, plenty of fresh air and the garden looks terrific.

I was browsing the internet (when I should have been gardening) and I came across this site Shona Sculpture Which introduced me the the possibility of garden sculpture. I had never thought of that before and was intrigued. The site specializes in Shona sculpture which is a type of African sculpture from southern African region.

Shona Sculpture

Shona WomanI loved it and was determined to get a piece for my garden. One of the pieces was quite high, about three foot high. But as soon as I saw it I new where it was going to go, near the the corner of the garden between the trees. I had two shrubs with a gap between them were a drain cover sits.

It’s almost as though the sculpture found me. I tried potted shrubs before and an old wheel barrow, painted white. But there was always something I want quite happy about.

Well I bought a the sculpture of an African woman, quite abstract, very African. But most important it looks fantastic and looks beautiful in its shady position.

These sculptures are carved from stone. You can oil them but I’m not going to bother. I prefer the sculpture to weather naturally and blend in more with the genes of the shrubs I have in that corner.

Stone’s Heavy

Something I was surprised at and should be aware of too, is that these sculptures are heavy. Really quite heavy for me and I had to get one on my teenage sons to help manoeuvre it into position for me. It’s on a drain cover as well, which was a bit of a worry but I’m told, it’s okay – those drain covers can hold quarter of a ton.

So all in all, I’m very pleased. I highly recommend a sculpture in the garden. I’ve already thought about getting a second one, Shona of course. But this one will go beneath a tree where nothing grows. A sculpture there will hide the bare earth, which is a real eye sore.

But that’s for another day.